Obituary notice of John Hamilton Moore

At Chingford Lodge, Epping Forest, in his 69th year, Mr John Hamilton Moore, late teacher of Navigation on Tower-Hill, author of Moore's Navigation, Seaman's Daily Assistant, the Monitor, &c. He was born at a village near Edinburgh, and there brought up by an aunt, till about 8 years of age, when he was take by his father, who was a bleacher, to near Londonderry in Ireland; whence he was sent to Monaghan, under the celebrated Mr Ballandine to study the Mathematicks. After he had finished his education, he entered as a vadet in the Plymouth Division of Marines, and served on-board Commodore Elliot's ship, the Brilliant, at the time he took Mons. Thurot; after which he was sent to Plymouth, and got his discharge. He then turned his mind to study, and became, after various reverses of fortune, one of the teachers at the late Mr Hebden's, at Hounslow, where he compiled his Epitome of Navigation, which will be a lasting memorial of his knowledge in that science. After this, he came and settled in London, where, by his perseverance and industry, he caused the best Charts to be published that had ever been done by any individual in this or any other nation. Notwithstanding this and all his other labours, and after giving the late Lord Howe his proper knowledge when he was first Lord of the Admiralty, with regard to having the coasts and harbours surveyed by the Officers if the Navy, and to be delivered to each Captain, in the same manner as other stores, which has latelybeen adopted; after doing so much, when applied to lately, Government did not know him, excepting Lord spencer, late First Lord of the Admiralty, to whom he has lately dedicated a new Edition of his Navigation.
The Gentleman's Magazine, Vol. LXXVII (1807), p 1174 (30 December).

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius

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