David Steel (1763-1803), Nautical Bookseller.

David Steel Esq. of Little Tower Hill. He was universally respected by those who had the pleasure of his acquaintance, and has left a widow and a large family to lament the irreparable loss of an affectionate husband and fond father in the prime of life. Mr. S. was orginally employed in the Navy Office, but quitted his situation to the study of law and practiced for several years with the preutation of a barrister; he quitted the profession on his father's death and succeeded him in his business as a book, map and chart seller. The literary world are under great obligation to him for the active part which he took as one of the committee for obtaining the repeal of the duty on paper.

Gentleman's magazine Vol. 73 (1803), p 93.

On Wednesday the 19th January died at his house on Little Tower Hill in his 40th year, Mr. David Steel, the orginator and proprietor of this Navy List; a man whose classical knowledge and brilliant talents might have entitled him to the highest offices in the state. Of his character it may be said, that his ideas were most enlarged, his mind capacious and richly cultivated; his principles generous and manly; his eloquence nervous and impressive. he possessed singular acuteness and penetration and was the friend of Truth and Liberty. To his children most tender and attentive. As a husband exemplary. He was the author of that extensively useful book, The Shipmaster's Assistant and Owner's Manual and also of a little work greatly esteemed by the admirers of typographical accuracy and now become scare, The Elements of Punctuation. With Critical Observations on Some Passages of Milton. He likewise assisted his father most essentially in the compilation of that widely circulated, important and original work The Elements and Practice of Rigging and Seamanship and Naval Tactics as well as several other publications of great utility to the naval services of his country.

Navy List February 1803, p 40.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius

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