The Splendid Ship Nightingale

The splendid ship Nightingale, built especially for the conveyance of passengers to the World's Fair and subsequently to be employed in the China trade, was launched from the yard of Samuel Hansom Jr., on Monday afternoon. Hundreds viewed Nightingale's debut upon the waters, and cheered enthusiastically her performance. She is built on a real clipper model, having 36-inch dead rise and half floor …

Her frame is all oak, and for strength and beauty of construction she is unsurpassed by any merchant ship built in the United States. As a specimen of American Architecture, she is to proceed directly from Boston to London. Her cabin is to be furnished in an entirely new style, at a cost of $ 6,000 to accommodate 50 passengers. Her deck will be finished in a superior manner, a pretty and graceful molding being run completely around inside her rail. She has a commodious house on deck for officers and stewards as well as smoking and bathing rooms. Her cordage is from the manufactury of Mr. Jeremiah Johnson of this city. It is made of the best Russian yarn and is pronounced by competent judges fully equal to any than can be obtained from any source. The Nightingale was modeled by Mr. Hanscom, her builder, designed by Capt. F.A. Miller, under whose superintendence she has been constructed. Her keel was laid in February and it is intended to have ready to leave here for Boston on the 23rd inst.

The Portsmouth Journal, June 21, 1851.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius

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