Abstract of Log of Ship Nightingale, 1854.

Abstract of Log of Ship Nightingale, Captain Samuel W. Mather, from New-York to Melbourne, Australia, 1854.
1854 May 19 - August 2
Sailed from New York to Melbourne in 76 days and 16 hours, the fastest passage to the time.
May 19
At 12,30 steamer left us outside the bar. At 1,45 P.M., light boat bore south one mile distant. Thick foggy weather during the night. Morning, light variable winds. Clear overhead, with dense fog around the horizon. Ends light variable airs.
. . .
June 20
7°06'N 29°32'W "Brisk breezes and squally. Wind veering and hauling some two points. Sea large from S.S.E. Squally, with rain through the night. Morning --- strong breezes. In T.G. sails for the first time since leaving New-York. Ends strong breezes and fair. Set reefed for and M.T.G., sails.
. . .
July 29
53°55'S 123°49'E D.R.
"Comes in good, steady breezes from N.W. and cloudy. At 9, p.m., the wind suddenly hauled to the westward and increased in force; continued blowing strong all night. Ends pleasant weather, with strong, steady breezes from S.W. Ship making 16 knots by the log."
August 2
Comes in, light breezes and pleasant. At 1, a.m., made Cape Otway light, bearing N.N.E., twenty miles distant. Moderate breezes and cloudy during the night. At 12, m., took a Pilot just outside the heads of Port Philip. At 8, p.m., dropped anchor in safety in Hobson's Bay.

The U.S. Nautical Magazine, Vol. III (1855-56), pp ??-??.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius

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