The loss of the "Principality".

Principality (four-masted iron sailing barque) of Liverpool, 1,595 tons net register, owned by a Single-ship Limited company, and managed by Mr. William Thomas of that city.

Missing since May 4th 1905, on which date she sailed from Junin for Rotterdam, with a cargo of 2,600 tons of nitrate of soda, and a crew of 25 hands (all told). Inquiry held at Liverpool, into the probable cause of her presumed loss, before Mr. W.J. Stewart, Magistrate; Captain Caborne and Robertson, assessors.

The vessel left Junin on the date already noted, in good seaworthy condition of hull and equipment, she passed through a survey in May, 1904 and was classed 100 A1 at Lloyd's, and after careful investigation as to stowage of cargo, the Court found that the cargo was well and properly stowed in the usual customary way, and she was not overladen; there was no evidence to show even an approximate reason for the disappearance of the vessel, or cause of her assumed loss. original cost to owners, £16,000; Estimated value when she left Europe £8,000; Insurance effected, £10,000 on hull and £4,000 on freight and disbursements.

Fourteen of her crew were foreigners.

Mercantile Marine Service Association Reporter, Vol. 37 (1907).

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius

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