Naval and Maritime Museums: Poland


Centralne Muzeum Morskie

ul. Szeroka 67/68,
80-835 Gdańsk.

Telefax: +48 58 318453

The museum was established in 1960. Integrated into the museum building is the 15th century Old Crane. The exhibitions includes artefacts from the 15th century "Copper Wreck", a merchantman which sank with a rich cargo of copper and iron ingots. Also exihited are remains from the Swedish ship-of-war Solen which was sunk during the Battle of Oliwa in 1627.

Museum ships:

(Gdansk Shipyard Museum)

The shipyard was formerly known as the Paris Commune.


(Naval Museum)

The museum was established in 1953.

Museum ship:


(The Museum of Fishing)

An outstation to the Central Maritime Museum in Gdansk.


(Museum of the Vistula River)

An outstation to the Central Maritime Museum in Gdansk.


Museum of Etnography

The museum has an extensive exhibition of traditional fisheries in Poland.

Warszawa (Warsaw)

Polish Military Museum

Complete military museum, including naval displays. There is a static display of naval weapons outside. All labeling is in Polish.

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