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Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston

Categories of Information
A record will give specific information about a particular artifact, book, document, picture, ship and owner.
True Artifact
Objects in the collection, eg sextants, models etc
Documentary Pictorial Artifact
photographs, paintings, plans
Documentary Bibliographic Artifact
Books, journals etc.
Documentary Archival Artifact
documents, letters associated with individuals and companies
Ship Documentation
a reference data base about selected ships
Owner Documentation
a reference data base about selected owners
Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston

Type Exp Keyword for more detailed search techniques. KEYWORD searching is a powerful way to find information. To search by Keyword type K followed by one or more search terms. The system will look for the occurrence of the terms anywhere in the record.

K=csl adj group
will search for the two words together.
will search for all occurrances of compass in a record. That includes books about the compass and of course all artifacts
K=compass not bibliographic.
The word not excludes books in the search. (Why? The Category for books includes the word bibliographic which is not wanted in this search)
K=compass and toghill.
and ensures toghill must be in the record with compass. Toghill is an author who writes about compasses.
K=compass or navigation.
Searches for the first or second or both terms.
searches for all words with the first three letter "com"
Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston The museum is located near downtown Kingston only a few blocks from Queen's University. The museum reference library and archives is open 10 to 5 daily, Monday through Friday. You are welcome at any time but in order to ensure help from our small staff we advise calling the museum prior to your visit to make an appointment.

In addition to the museum we recommend the considerable resources of Queen's University Archives, Special Collections and Library. The Royal Military College Library is also recommended.

55 Ontario Street, Kingston, Ontario. K7L 2Y2

Telephone: +1 613 542 2261; Telefax: +1 613 542 0043

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Artifacts are representative of those used aboard sailing, steam and small craft on the lakes and include objects from related shore activities. Included are navigation instruments, tools used by ship- builders, sailmakers and the naval architect, models, small craft, uniforms, domestic articles and engines. Fields used to describe artifacts: Accession # , Title (object name), Category) (True Artifact), Vessel (if applicable), Title (name that appears on the object), Date (when created or patented), Artist One (eg engine manufacturer), Artist Two (eg modeller of an engine), Dimension , Material , Condition , Acquired , Location , Notes . Only filled fields appear in a record. Please note the accession # if you want to look at an object.

Library Collections

The library has over 8,000 titles. The subjects are international and they also cover most aspects of Canadian marine activities: yachting, canals, ship registers, ship histories, fleet histories, steam technology, naval history, navigation, shipwreck directories, transactions of nautical societies, ethnographic studies, naval architecture, shipbuilding, sails and rigging, underwater archaeology, engineering, ports and museums etc. There are currently over 250 journals and over 1,000 vertical files.

Fields used to describe books are Acc # (internal control numnber), LC (Library of Congress call number), Author , Title , Subject , Publication Data , Category (Documentary Bibliographic Artifact) Notes . Only filled fields appear in the record.

Pictorial Collections

The naval architects provided design drawings; shipyards, builders plans and fleets working drawings altogether totaling more than 30,000 items. This is an important collection for the student of design, technology, and the forces affecting technology transfer. There are currently over 12,000 photographs distributed amongst twenty major collections as well as paintings and drawings.

Fields are Accession # , Title (object name eg negative), Category (Documentary Pictorial Artifact), Vessel (if applicable), Title (as on the picture), Date (of picture), Artist One (eg name of painter), Artist Two (eg lithographer of painting), Dimensions , Material , Condition , Acquired , Location , Notes . Only filled fields appear in the record.

Archival Collections

The archives contain many private and corporate papers, cine, video and audio tapes. The collections lend themselves to a study of labour issues, ship and shipyard management, lives of sailors, shipbuilding, ship and fleet operations, business practic, marine policy, design, technology and social history.

The Fields are Acc # , Title (log, contract etc), Category (Documentary Archival Artifact), Vessel (if applicable), Date , Artist One (writer of document), Artist Two (eg employer of writer of document), Dimensions , Material , Condition , Acquired , Location , Notes . Only filled fields appear in the record. There are extensive finding aids on site.

Ship Documentation

At present there are 4,500 records of ships registered at ports on the Great Lakes - mostly 19th century. Ships will be added to this data base.
      Category:              Built By:               Registered:
      mmglno:               *Construction:          *Propulsion:
      Vessel Name:           Decks:                  Horsepower:
      Official Number:       Masts:                  Number of Owners:
      Registry Port:        *Rig:                    Dividing Factor:
      Registry Year:        *Vessel Type:            Closing Year:
      Port Number:           Length:                *Reason Closed:
      Prev. Registered:      Beam:
      Prev. Regist. Date:    Depth:     There are inconsistances due to
      Where Built:           Gross:     differing standards.
      Year Built:            Net:       * tables will be availble

Ship Owner Documentation

At present there are over 4,500 records in the data base of ships registered at ports on the Great Lakes - mostly from the 19th century. Not all of the individual registers of ships contained owner information thus there are fewer owners than ships.

Fields in the owner data base are: MMGLNO (important cross reference number that links you to the ship), Title (name of vessel owner), Category (Owner Documentation), Official # (the registry number from the source register), Port Number (register number for that port for a particular year), Owner Number (number of individuals co-owning the vessel), Shares (divisor of 64), Date Bought , Date Sold , Occupation (of owner), Residence , Data Source (important you know the source since each souce will capture information according to need) Only filled fields appear in a record.

Ship Owner Documentation

All fields are searcheable, shown here with typical data
    Vessel Owner:                                 Occupation:
    Category:         Ship Owner Documentation    Residence:
    mmglno:                                       Builder/Owner:
    Official Number:                              Data Source:    Registry
    Port Number:
    Owner Number:
    Date Bought:
    Date Sold:                         NOTE: Not all fields are present in
                                             each record