South America


Buenos Aires

Museo Naval de la Naciòn

Pasco Victoria 620,
Provincia de Buenos Aires.

Telephone: +54 1 749 0608

Opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday 08:00-12:30; Sunday-Monday 15:00-18:00.

Presidente Sarmiento

Darsena Norte,
Puerto de Buenos Aires.

Telephone: +54 1 311 8792.

Opening hours: Daily 14:00-18:00.

The former Argentinian Navy training ship Presidente Sarmiento, a three-masted fullrigged ship built in 1897.


Rio de Janeiro

Museu Naval E Oceanográfico

Rua Don Manuel, 15
Rio de Janeiro, CEP-20010.

Telephone: +55 (0)21 221 7626

Opening hours: Daily 12:00-16:45.

History of Brasilian Navy: maps, models of ships, publications and pieces on history and oceanography.

Intinerant at ports of Brasil

Naval Museum

Bauru (19??), FF. British Bentick class frigate of WWII that operated on anti-submarine patrol in South Atlantic from 1943 to 1945. Today she is an operational museum ship based in Rio, on exhibition at principal coastal ports of Brasil.



Talcahuano Chilean Naval museum

Talcahuano, 9 Region
The Peruvian ironclad battleship Huascar, which was built in 1865, was captured by Chile during the Pacific War during the Battle of Angamos in 1879. It is one of the last classic ironclads afloat. Peru is still asking for the return of their ship.


Museo Naval y Marítimo

Subida Artillería s/n,
Playa Ancha,
Valparaiso, V Region.

Telephone: +56 (0)32 281845
WWW-server: [Until end of July 1996]
WWW-server: [From beginning of August 1996]

Opening hours: Wednesday-Monday 09:00-12:30 & 14:30-18:00, Tuesday closed.



Estación Naval Tentiente Primero 'Manuel Clarero'

America (1904), gunboat.


Museo Naval del Peru

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