Maritime and Naval Museums: Washington, USA


Grays Harbor Historical Seaport

813 E. Heron St.

Telephone: +1 206 532 8611

Museum ship: Lady Washington, brig. The Lady Washington is a reconstruction of the first American ship to explore the Pacific Northwest.

A working shipyard is part of the museum.


Museum ship: USS Turner Joy, destroyer.

Located one block from the Navy yard. Has photographs of the shipyard over the years. There is a large model of an aircraft carrier with frames and plate of clear plastic and what may be the oldest existing gun - a wooden device from China. USS Turner Joy is [in]famous for the Tonkin Gulf incident. Tours are given of the naval graveyard, including BB Missouri, carriers, submarines, both nuclear and conventional, crusiers and other types.


Cape Disappointment Lighthouse
Columbia river
Maritime museum - most northwesterly point Lewis and Clark reached.


Naval Underseas Warfare Museum
Adjacent to Navy torpedo test facility. Has models of support ships and boats. Also has actual research and rescue subs.


Center for Wooden Boats
1010 Valley St.

Telephone: +1 206 382 2628

Boatbuilding shop, boat livery, display of many small boats.

Coast Guard Museum/Northwest
Pier 46,
1519 Alaska Way S.

Telephone: +1 206 217 6993

The museum holds a collection of ship and boat models and uniforms of the U.S. Coast Guard. There are two high-endurance cutters and two icebreakers which dock there and which are part of the tour.

Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society
2700 24th Avenue East

Telephone: +1 206 324 1126

Part of the Museum of History and Science.

Westport Maritime Museum
Westport Maritime Museum
2201 Westhaven Drive,
P.O. Box 1074,
Westport, WA 98595-1074.

Telephone: +1 360 268 0078
Telefax: +1 360 2268 1990

Opening hours: June-August, daily 10:00-16:00; September-May, Wednesday-Sunday 12:00-16:00.

A former US Coast Guard Lifeboat Station. The exhibits feature the history of life-saving and lighthouse service in the United States.

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