Navy Records Society

The Navy Records Society was founded in Great Britain in 1893 by a small group of historians, naval officers, publicists and statesmen led by Professor Sir John Knox Laughton and Admiral Sir Cyprian Bridge. Their object was to publish original materials on the history of the Royal Navy, as the basis for the development of policy and doctrine. Combining the interests of professional, academic, political and non-specialist members the Society acted as an intellectual pressure group and opinion former. By insisting on the highest scholarly standards the Society ensured that naval history was at the core of the newly emerging professional historical discipline.

Over the past 100 years the Society has published more than 130 volumes, covering the period between the fourteenth century and the Second World War. Among the major figures covered are: Nelson, Fisher, Beatty, St. Vincent, Hood, Jellicoe, Somerville, Cunningham, Keyes, Collingwood, Anson, Hawke, and Vernon. A brief assessment of the subjects covered can only give a flavour of the breadth of the subject: campaigns, administration, technology, politics, law, signals, strategy and tactics. The Society's volumes, many of which are still available to members, form a unique and invaluable resource for serving officers, scholars and all those interested in the Naval History of Great Britain and the development of naval power generally.

The Society, which has charitable status, continues to flourish through the support of a truly international membership. At present members receive at least one volume per annum, often two, and the Society has an impressive list of titles awaiting publication.

Annual membership entitles all fully paid up members to receive one copy of all volumes published in that year, and to order copies of earlier volumes at reduced prices. The annual subscription of £ 30,00 is due on the 1st of January each year, and payable to the Membership Secretary.

Queries should be directed to:

The Hon. Secretary: Dr. A.D. Lambert FRHistS.,
Dept. of War Studies,
Kings College,
London WC2R 2LS,
Great Britain.

Membership Secretary: Mrs Annette Gould,
5 Goodwood Close,
West Sussex GU29 9JG,
Great Britain.

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