List of Ships of War,

which were lying in the Tagus, when Lord St. Vincent was there, in September, 1806:--

Names. Guns. Their State.
Princepe Real 84 Lower masts rigged, and the lower yards are across.
Princepe de Brazil 84
Rainha de Portugal 74
Alfonzo de Albuquerque 74 Lower masts rigged, top-masts up, and down the lower masts, jib-booms on the bowsprit, cables bent to the spare anchors: appear to have their ballast on board.
Princese de Abeire 64
Infante de Pedro 74
Meduse 74
Belem 64
Maria Princeipa 74
St. Sebastine* 74
Name unknown 74 Ditto, ditto, ditto.
Name unknown 74
Santa Antonia 70 In dock 7 years and 3 months.
Prince Regent 74 Building
Theriza 50 Lower masts rigged, and jib-boom on the bowsprit; just caulked.
Gulfinia 44
Amasonia 50
Perolo 50 Lower masts rigged, and the topmasts up, and down the masts; anchors on board, and one cable bent.
Active 36
Princesa de Abiena 36
Andoninha 32
Venus 36 Repairing, and preparing to heave down.
Ulluses 36
Real Fonsor 28 Just repairing, and fitting.
Bon Ventura 16 Caulking.
Serpenta 22 Lower masts rigged; anchors and cables on board.
Delegente 22
Gaivota 22
Real Fonza 16
Fereta (schooner) 8 Fitting for sea (new)
Benjamina 22 Corvette (French)
Triton 44 Lower masts rigged, topmasts and spars on board; just caulked.
N.B. One 74-gun ship sailed the latter end of August, and the Rainha Portugal arrived.

These ships, in general, were said to be in good repair; and as to construction, equal, if not superior to the British.

Nautical Chronical, Vol. 18 (1807), pp 229-330.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius

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