LONDON -- Aug. 22: 21, 6 P.M. -- Wind NNW, light, fine; Midnight -- N, clear. 22, 6 A.M. -- NNW, light, dull; 10 A.M. -- NNW, light fine; 3 P.M. -- W, moderate; bar. 29 93, ther. 63.

Divers are employed to explore the sunken wreck of the Bruiser steamer, and to recover any cargo out of her. Captain Harty, her late master, is at Aldborough to render any assistance that may be required. The returns of the missing on Monday numbered 11 passengers, besides the loss of three of the crew, but from what has since transpired these were not all who lost their lives in this melancholy collision. A woman named Sarah Bell, the wife of a sailor, is among those lost. She had her daughter with her, seven years old. Mrs. Bell was on her way to London to meet her husband, whose vessel was expected home every day. The child was saved -- how no one could tell. This morning four more were added to the list of those who perished -- Mrs. Mendornsky, and three children, of the ages of 7, 10, and 13. The directors of the General Steam Navigation Company were engaged many hours yesterday making a searching investigation in the circumstances attending the collision. The Haswell did not belong to the General Steam Iron Screw Collier Company, as previously reported.

The Shipping and Mercantile Gazette, Wednesday, August 22, 1866.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius

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