The Seaman's Vade-Mecum


  1. He is to have the Charge of the Steep-tub, and is answerable for the Meat put therein.
  2. He is to see the Meat duly watered, and the Provisions carefully and cleanly boiled, and delivered to the Men according to the Practice of the Navy.
  3. In stormy Weather he is to secure the Steep-tub that it may not be washed over-board; but if it should inevitable be lost, the Captain must certify it, and he is to make Oath to the Number of Pieces so lost, that it may be allowed in the Purser's Accounts.

William Mountaine: The Seaman's Vade-Mecum, and Defensive War by Sea: containing the Proportions of Rigging, Masts and Yards Weight of Anchors, Sizes and Weight of Cables and Cordage, List of the Navy. The Exercise of the Small Arms, Bayonet, Granadoes and Great-Guns, Duty of Officers, &c. also Shewing how to prepare a Merchant-Ship for a close Fight. Chasing; … Defensive-Fighting; … Naval Fortification; … An Essay on Naval Book-keeping; …. W. and J. Mount & T. and T. Page, London, 1756. 12mo, 14×8 cm, (10), xii, 270 pp, ill., 4 plates.

First edition 1744.

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