Observations and Instructions

Particular Orders to the Officers Respectivily.

11. -- Orders to the Carpenter.

No spirit of any kind is to be kept in the store-rooms or passages.

The carpenter is to pay great attention in keeping the boats properly repaired; he is to use every opportunity at sea in taking the ship's draught of water, and is to deliver a statement of it to the captain and master.

The carpenter is to be very careful in the expenditure of his stores, and also in his examination of the masts and yards, which he is required to inspect several times during the day, in bad weather, or when carrying a heavy press of sail; and every morning and evening at other times, which he is always to report to the officer of the watch.

The key of the carpenter's store-room will be always hung on the outside of the first lieutenant's cabin; and he is to apply for it, when wanted, to the officer of the watch, who will direct a midshipman to attend him whilst he is in it. He is to keep a sufficient number of shot-plugs made, and every thing at hand and ready, every night, for action; which is to be reported at sun-set, when the keys are delivered back to the first lieutenant, after having so inspected them. The axes are always to be kept prepared for any emergency, in the store-rooms.

The carpenter is to be attentive in stopping any leaks over the store-rooms, sail-rooms, and bread-rooms.

He is to be very careful in examining the ports himself in the daytime, and to direct his mates to do it at night; likewise to sound the well at stated times, which is always to be reported to the officer of the watch.

Observations and instructions for the use of the commissioned, the junior and other officers of the Royal Navy, on all the material Points of Professional Duty. Including also, forms of general and particular orders for the better government and discipline of His Majesty's Ships: Together with a variety of new and useful tables; among which are, General Tables for Watching Ship's Companies in all Rates; &mdash. For shewing the Stations of the different Officers at Quarters; &mdash. For the General Appropriation of Men at Quarters, in Ships of every Class; &mdash. For Furling Sails; &mdash. Mooring and Unmooring; &mdash. Making and Shortening Sail; &mdash. Tacking Ship, &c. &c. With an Appendix; being a complete set of forms for watch, station, and quarter bills for ships of war. By a Captain in the Royal Navy.
P. Steel, London, 1804 (1st). 8vo, 17,5×9 cm, (2), iv, (2), 80 pp, 7 fold. plates.

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