Observations and Instructions

Particular Orders to the Officers Respectivily.

6. -- Orders to the Surgeon.

The surgeon is to have the entire charge of the sick; the sick birth is to be under his immediate inspection, and he is to direct the hammocks to be taken and carried upon deck, belonging to those men whose healths will permit it. He is to pay particular attention to the cleanliness of the sick birth. When the number of sick requires attendance in addition to that of the lob-lolly-boy, people will be directed to do that duty, on application to the first lieutenant.

The surgeon, or first mate, is to be always on board; and the junior mate is to go to the hospital with sick people.

When in a foreign port, the surgeon is to visit the hospital, or sick-quarters, every second day; and, when in an English harbour, he is to go to the hospital every Monday and Thursday morning; for which purpose he will be allowed a boat. On his return, he is to make a written report to the captain of the state of the sick people's health, and the probable time when they will be able to return on board.

The surgeon is to visit the between-decks every morning, and to make his report to the captain, at the time he delivers the sick list, of its state; pointing out any improvement which may conduce to render it more salubrious or wholesome.

When punishment takes place on board, the surgeon is to attend, to be ready to answer any questions respecting the prisoner's health, or ability to receive his punishement.

Observations and instructions for the use of the commissioned, the junior and other officers of the Royal Navy, on all the material Points of Professional Duty. Including also, forms of general and particular orders for the better government and discipline of His Majesty's Ships: Together with a variety of new and useful tables; among which are, General Tables for Watching Ship's Companies in all Rates; &mdash. For shewing the Stations of the different Officers at Quarters; &mdash. For the General Appropriation of Men at Quarters, in Ships of every Class; &mdash. For Furling Sails; &mdash. Mooring and Unmooring; &mdash. Making and Shortening Sail; &mdash. Tacking Ship, &c. &c. With an Appendix; being a complete set of forms for watch, station, and quarter bills for ships of war. By a Captain in the Royal Navy.
P. Steel, London, 1804 (1st). 8vo, 17,5×9 cm, (2), iv, (2), 80 pp, 7 fold. plates.

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