The 22nd Imrovement

Consists in substituting, for a ship's futtock-shrouds, wood or iron stays, which extend from the ends of the lower cross-trees to the upper part of the lower mast-head -- the wood or iron stays are then ratlined, and thus the men will reach the topsail yards, when on the cap, easier, and the lower yards will brace up sharper, than they do now -- and as some of the after of each gang of lower shrouds can lead to the cap, instead of all the shrouds leading to the trussel-tree, the mast-head would be better supported than it is now.
Shipwreck and Collisions at Sea greatly prevented by Christophers' Patent Improvements in Naval Archtecture. With four plates.
London: J. Olliver, 59, Pall Mall; P. Richardson, 23, Cornhill. Liverpool: Deighton & Laughton. M.DCCC.L. 8vo, (4), 112 p, 4 pl.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius

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