The Eighth Improvement

Consists in equipping ships and other vessels with two new sails, or what I believe to be two new sails, one of which sails, called by me a "Courson," is a substitute for the square sail or course now bent to or hoisted up to lower yards -- and the other sail, which I call a "Triangle," is a substitute for the trapezium-shaped sails now used on shipboard.

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[page 67] Consists in making the yard of a ship or vessel out of two small spars instead of one large spar -- which I do by uniting the two small spars together at their butts or largest ends, by a hollow wrought-iron cylinder and a wood dowell fixed to the large ends of the two spars.

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Shipwreck and Collisions at Sea greatly prevented by Christophers' Patent Improvements in Naval Archtecture. With four plates.
London: J. Olliver, 59, Pall Mall; P. Richardson, 23, Cornhill. Liverpool: Deighton & Laughton. M.DCCC.L. 8vo, (4), 112 p, 4 pl.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius

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