Dead Eyes.

[page 193]

In the first edition I committed an error in stating the mode of turning in dead eyes; and it was so worded, as not to leave me the slightest loop-hole. So far cas concerns MYSELF, it is of little moment; but as relates to conveying error to youngsters, I must regret it. It is singular that the mistake was brought to my notice by one on my own: nor am I aware of any other person having detected it.

In turning in the Dead Eyes, keep the lay of the rope in-a cable laid rope being turned in against the sun-and a hawser laid rope with the sun.

Anslem John Griffiths: Observations on Some Points of Seamanship; with Practical Hints on Naval Oeconomy, &c, &c.
W. Harrison, printer, Portsmouth, 1828 (2nd). 8vo, 16,5x8,5 cm xvi, 317 pp.

Transcribed by John Harland.