The Forbes and the Howe Rig.

The following correspondence between Captain R.B. Forbes and Captain Geo. H. Bradbury, will be read with interest, not only by nautical men, but by ship-owners and builders:--

Boston, Sept., 1855.

Messers. Griffths & Bates,

Editors Nautical Magazine.

Dear Sirs:-- I beg leave to hand you herewith a copy of my letter to capt. Bradbury, of the ship N.B. Palmer, who formerly commanded the Lantao, with my rig, or something nearly like it: the only difference being that the fore-yards, while smaller than the main, did not fit on that mast one stage higher up, as originally recommended by me. I also enclose a copy of Capt. Bradbury's answer, and beg that you will publish the same, with this letter, in your next number, for the information of ship-owners and others equally interested.

I give you my letter, as well as the answer to it, because I wish those who feel an interest in the subject to read my arguments as well as those of Capt. Bradbury, and give them their due weight, and nothing more.

I think Capt. B. has given many good reasons for his preference, and I am free to acknowledge that they are such as to settle the question of economy and superiority for merchant ships.

Perhaps my original rig, with the masts fidded abaft, is the best for war ships, and particularly for war steamers and surveying ships, or for those likely to be exposed in open roadsteds.

It cannot be expected that I shall give up my pet rig in toto, "stock and fluke", but I cordially yield to the opinion of Capt. Bradbury, who reported my rig, in Lantao, so superior to the old rig, that I took it for granted he would find nothing equal to it.

I am very truly, your servant,

R.B. Forbes.

The U.S. Nautical Magazine, Vol. III (1855-56), p 30.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius

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