The 17th Improvement

Consists in strengthening the under part and sides of the keel, the upper part and sides of the keelson, and the under part and foreside of the forefoot of a vessel, and protecting them from chafing, and twisting, and breaking -- which I do by bolting to them bars of flat iron, similar to those for the beam-stringers hereinbefore specified.

. . .

Shipwreck and Collisions at Sea greatly prevented by Christophers' Patent Improvements in Naval Archtecture. With four plates.
London: J. Olliver, 59, Pall Mall; P. Richardson, 23, Cornhill. Liverpool: Deighton & Laughton. M.DCCC.L. 8vo, (4), 112 p, 4 pl.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius

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