Henry Mainwaring: The Seaman's Dictionary, c1623.

Tree nailes Quasi Nailes made of a Tree; are the Long Woodden Pins made of the hart of Oake, wherewth they fasten all the Plancks vnto the Timbers: For though we Bolt the But heades for the better assurance and strength, yet the Tree nailes are they wch doe not fasten the Plancks: for we doe vse as litle Iron vnder Water, as wee may conveniently, least the Ship should grow Iron Sick. Theis Tree nailes must be well seasoned, and not sappy, for then the Ship wil be continually Leakie, and it will be hard to find: Yf a Ship (by any Beating vpon the ground) doe make a [Tree nail] giue back, and Come a litle out againe, they terme it Starting of a Tree naile.

Bolt, or Bolts. Are Iron Pins, belonging both to the Building, and Rigging of a Ship; Of wch there are divers kinds; as Ring Bolts, wch are of infinite necessarie Vse, both for the Bringing to of the Plancks and Wales to the Ships; as also the Cheif Thinge[s] where vnto wee fasten the Tackles and Breechings of the Great Ordinans. Driue Bolts: wch is a Long one wherewth to driue out an other Bolt or Treenell by: Sett Bolts, Vsed in the Building, for forcing the Plancks, and other Workes together: Ragg Bolts, wch are sharpned at one end, and iagged, that they may not be drawne out: Clench Bolts, wch are clenched wth a Rivitting Ham[m]er to prevent drawing out. Fore lock Bolts, which are made at the end with an Eie, whereinto a fore lock of Iron is driven over a Ring, to keep it fast, from starting back: Fender Bolts; which are made with a long head, and beate into the outwardmost Bend of the Ship, to save the Ship sides, if another Ship should lye a Boord her. Bolts are many times called according to the places where vnto they are vsed. as Chaine Bolts: Bolts for Carriages, and the like. The Vse of them is soe great, that without them a Ship cannot be built strong; for they Bind togeather all the Timbers, Knees and the like, Which doe strengthen the Ship.

Henry Mainwaring: The Seaman's Dictionary, c1623.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius

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