William Sutherland: The Ship-Builders Assistant, 1711.

An Estimate of the Value of Oak Trenels.
Length. Diameter. Charge
of the
Inches. Inches. s. d. l. s. d. l. s. d.
36 2-0 30-0 10-10-0 12-0-0
30 1-8 21-9 6- 3- 3 7-5-0
24 1-6 15-0 3-10-0 4-5-0
18 1-4 9-9 1-12-9 2-2-6
12 1-2 6-0 0-14-0 1-0-0

William Sutherland: The Ship-Builders Assistant: or, some Essays towards Compleating the Art of Marine Architecture: viz.
I. A General Introduction, wherein is consider'd the Solid of Least Resistance, so far as relates to the Formation of a Ship's Body, &c.
II. Observations for Regulating the Price of Timber, taken from the Proportion of its different Dimensions; with Estimates of the Value of Oak Timber, and several other Materials relating to Naval Stores.
III. Rules for Building the Hull of any Sort of Ships. To which is added the Scantling or Measuring of Ship-Timbers, and some Directions about Moulding them.
IV. A New Method for finding the Tunnage of any Ship.
V. Rules for Proportioning the Rigging.
To which is Annexed, an Explication of the Principal Terms used in this Art. The whole Illustrated with many Schemes proper to each Part, most of them from Copper Plates.

Printed for R. Mount, A. Bell & R. Smith, London, 1711 (1st). -4to, 16×11 cm, (12), 165 pp, ill., 13 fold. plates (some coloured).

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius.

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