Description of the Head of the Danish Ship Norge.

The bow of this ship is finished round to the stem, without a square forecastle, the deck of which is carried over the bows, to the scrowl a the top of the knee of the head, and forms a platform over it. The rails of the head have little spread, and allow the bow gun on the main deck to be used in chase.

The bowsprit, being some feet higher than usual, slips on the main instead of the lower deck, and has not so much stove as is usual. -- The shield displays the arms of Norway. The whole head appears particularly light and handsome, and the high bow, for strength and pitching in a deep sea, whether at anchor or under way, is certainly preferable to the square forecastle; but it is attended by considerable inconvenience to the ship's company. This, however, may be easily removed, by letting the people go over the bows, as is the practice in our East Indiamen; which would be attended by the advantage of keeping dry the sick bay, and main deck in general, and of preventing the perpetual concourse of people from passing through the galleys, which all naval officers know to be a very great nuisance.

Nautical Chronical, Vol. 21 (1809), p 457.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius

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