Prices of the Compositions

Mixed Ready for Use, Delivered to Rail at Southampton.

No. 1. — (Green) – For Copper and Yellow Metal Sheathing, also Wood Bottoms 65s. per Cwt. mixed ready for use, exclusive of Iron Cans
No. 2. — Anti-Fouling (Salmon Colour) – for Iron Ships' Bottoms, Zinc Sheathing, and all kinds of Ironwork or Galvanised Iron exposed to the action of Salt Water and Fouling* 65s. per Cwt., mixed ready for use, exclusive of Iron Cans.
No. 3. — Various Colours – For Ships' Topsides, Cabin work, Masts, Yards, Boats, &c. Railway Bridges, Stations, Railway Carriages, Trucks, &c., and also for House purposes, internally and externally, Green Houses, Out Houses, Conservatories, Park Railings, &c. and Watermen's boats.

N.B. – It will keep good for any number of years, in all climates.

63s. per Cwt., mixed ready for use, including tin paint pot canisters of 3, 7, 14, and 28 lbs. each; if sent in Iron Cans, they will be charged extra.
No. 4. — For protecting wood-bottomed Ships, Boats, Piles, &c., from worm, and for preserving Railway Sleepers, Telegraph Posts, Fence and Gate Posts, &c., under ground from decay and white ant. (See Directions for use at page 145.) 60s. per Cwt., mixed ready for use, exclusive of Iron Cans.
New "Anti-Corrosive Priming" (Crimson Red). For all kinds of Ironwork and exterior Farm Woodwork, Agricultural Machines, Tanks, Boilers, Carts, Fences, Ga[tes ...], &c; also for priming new Teakwork [...] 42 s. per Cwt., mixed ready for use, in 7, 14, and 28lbs. tins inclusive, for paint pots.
Ditto, ditto, unmixed, but g[round] for mixing 30s. per Cwt., exclusive of Iron Cans, or 32s. 6d. per cwt. including Wood Casks.
Top Dressing or Exfoliating Soap Mixture, for a finishing coat 50s. per cwt., ready for use, exclusive of iron cans; or 52s. per cwt., including wood casks, of three to five cwt. each.

The carriage from Southampton to London and to the various Ports and Places will be added to the above Prices by the Local sole Vendors.

In ordering, please state the Number of Composition required and Sizes of Packages.

Iron Cans when returned to the Manufactory at Southampton, free and in good condition, will be allowed form at the rate of three-fourths of their then current prices.

* N.B.—A coat of this Anti-fouling Paint costs less than a coat of tallow, less quantity being required, and, from its slimy nature, like a fish's back, it adds speed to the ship, whereas tallow rusts the iron, hangs water like a wet blanket, and stop the ship's way. See page 79.

† Three fourths of this with one fourth of No. 2 makes an admirable Anti-fouling mixture [c]heaper and better than anything known. See last page.

Peacock & Buchan's Established Compositions for Iron, Wood, Coppered or Zinced Vessels, Yachts, Barges, Boats, Buoys, Beacons, Piles, &c. Also for Preserving Railway Sleepers, Telegraph and Fence Posts.
Printed by William Pollard, Exeter, 1874 (10th).

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius

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