N° 13.

Navy Office, 22d August, 1787.


In Answer to Your Letter of the 18th of May last, requiring to be furnished with a State of the Quantity of Timber that has been cut for the Use of the Navy, in the several Forests, Parks, and Chases belonging to the Crown, since the Year 1730, to the latest Period, distinguishing

We herewith send you copies of the said Accounts, and are
Your most obedient,
Humble Servants,
Commissioners of Land Revenue. CHAs MIDDLETON,

The following is an abstract of the Accounts transmitted with the foregoing Letter.

ABSTRACT of Accounts transmitted by the Navy Board to the Commissioner of the Land Revenue, shewing the Quantity of Timber supplied from each of His Majesty's Forests, for the Use of the Navy, from the Year 1730 to 1787, and at what Yards delivered.

From what Forest Where delivered. Quantity. Totals.
O A K T I M B E R.
Lds. Ft.
Portsmouth 46,525 21
New Forest Plymouth 512 25
Woolwich 129 Loads. Feet.
47,166 45
Plymouth 17,889 9
Dean Forest Deptford 921 3
Woolwich 1,230 20,040 12
Windsor Forest Deptford 210 19 210 19
Wittlewood and Salcey Forest Deptford 6,758 44 6,758 44
Holt Forest Deptford 1,863 24 1,863 24
Sherwood Forest Chatham 1,216 48 1,216 48
Total Oak 77,256 43
B E E C H T I M B E R.
New Forest Portsmouth 15,906 47
Dean Forest Plymouth 149 10
Total Beech 16,056 7

The Eleventh Report of the Commissioners Appointed to Enquire into the State and Condition of the Woods, Forests, and Land Revenues of the Crown, and to Sell or Alienate Fee Farm and other Unimproveable Rents, 1792. Appendix Nº 13:

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius

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