Calculations of Clipper Ship Herald of the Morning.

The calculations of this vessel from Mr. S.H. Pook, in connection with the result of three consecutive passages, from Messrs. Z. Magoun & Sons, came to hand while the first form of the present number was on the press, and consequently too late to form a part of the article.
The displacement, at a draught of 22 feet of water, is 2251 tons (of 35 cubic feet.)
Exponent for displacement, is .60
Centre of gravity of displacement, forward of centre of length 2.
Centre of gravity below load-line 7.
Meta centre above load-line 0.25
Centre of effort of sails, forward of centre of displacement 8 feet
Height of do., is 59.50 above water-line
Area of principal sails 15025 feet
The exponent of area dead flat frame is .88 "

Jan. 21, 1854 -- Boston to San Francisco, cargo 2,004 tons, drawing 20 ft. 2 in. forward, and 20 ft. aft; 106 days passage.

Feb. 5, 1855 -- New-York to San Francisco, cargo 2,098 tons, drawing 21 ft. forward, and 20 ft. 8 in. aft; 99 days and 12 hours passage.

Sept. 5, 1854 -- Callao to New York, via St. Thomas for orders, cargo, gross tons, 1,441, drawing 21 forward, and 20 ft. 8 in. aft; 77 days passage.

The U.S. Nautical Magazine, Vol. III (1855-56), p 470.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius

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