Beach to the Navy Board
Chatham. 18 February 1672/3

. . . Mr Chambers that contracted with the Surveyour for a quantity of reed, and received £. 20 imprest hath not sent in any yet. The purser of the Old James hath formerly contracted for a quantity broom bavins and to be delivered in here, which he hath not performed, you Honours would do well to force him to comply with his contract in regard there is so little to be had and he can very suddenly furnish us.
[SP 46/137 Part 5 no. 364 in NRS 125:102]

Sir Richard to the Navy Board
Chatham, 25 April 1677

Whereas you are pleased to inform me that at Portsmouth they make use of nothing but broom to bream ships with, I suppose the same is occasioned from their want of reed, for broom is very dangerous fire to burn upwards under the wales and especially when the wind blows hard, however we do make use of as much as we can with safety. I have ordered the Purveyor to buy what quantity he can ere it be bought up by the builders in these parts, for we find it very hard to porcure as well as reed. He tells me that Sir John Banks hath a parcel of eight thousand reed sheaves to dispose of, which I have directed him to endeavour the buying of, if the same may be had upon reasonable terms and that he desire Mr Kipping to forbear the disposing of his parcel of oak timber till such time as he hear further from me.
[ADM 106/321 fol. 128, in NRS 125:130]

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius

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