A full-rigged ship built in 1783 at the River Hull as the Bethia.

Registered dimensions: 85'1"½×24'4"×11'4", burthen 220 26/94 tons.

1783 [?]
Keel laid in Dry Dock No. 2 on the River Hull.
1787 May 26
Purchased by the Navy Board from Meesrs Wellbank, Sharp and Brian for £ 2600. She was moved from the Old Wapping Stairs to the Deptford Yard for fitting out.
1787 June 8
Renamed the HMS Bounty.
1787 August 16
Lieutenant William Bligh was appointed by the Admiralty as the commander of HMS Bounty.
1787 December 23
HMS Bounty sails from Spithead for Tahiti.
1788 March 23 – April 21
Struggles to round Cape Horn, but is forced to turn around and sail for the Cape of Good Hope instead.
1788 May 24 – June 28
Repairs and provisioning at the False Bay.
1788 August 20 – September 3
Provisioning at Adventure Bay.
1788 October 26
Arrives at Matavai Bay, Tahiti.
1789 April 4
Leaves Tahiti for the West Indies.
1789 April 29
A mutiny lead by Fletcher Christian occurs.
1790 January 23
The Bounty was burnt at Pitcairn Island after having been stripped of everything useful.

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