Charles W. Morgan

A full-rigged whaling ship built in 1841 of live-oak by Jethro & Zachariah Hillman, Fairhaven, MA. Her dimensions are 32,19×8,44×5,33(d) meters [105'6×27'7×17'5(d)] and tonnage 313 GRT and 296 NRT.
1841 July 21
Launched at the shipyard of Jethro & Zachariah Hillman, Fairhaven, MA, for Captain Charles W. Morgan, New Bedford, MA.
Sold to Edward M. Robinson & Co., New Bedford, MA.
5/32ths shares were sold to J. & W.R. Wing, New Bedford, MA, who became the managing owners.
Reduced to barque rig. Re-measured to register 313,75 tons.
60/64ths were sold to Captain Benjamin D. Cleveland et al., for $6000.
Captain Benjamin D. Cleveland sold his 24 shares to John A. Cook, Provincetown, MA. Captain Joseph F. Edwards was given command of the ship.
Captain John Gonsalves replaced Captain Edwards who had been taken ill.
1921 May 28
Returned from the 37th and last whaling voayge with a cargo of 2702 barrels of whale oil at a total value of $25.533,90.
Repaired and re-rigged and placed in a berth at Round Hills, Massachusetts.
Acquired by the Mystic Seaport, Mystic, CT.

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