Commodore Perry

A medium clipper ship built in 1854 by Donald McKay, East Boston. Her dimensions were 202'×42'1"×28"5" and tonnage 1964 tons. A sister ship to the Great Tasmania.

Launched at the shipyard of Donald McKay, East Boston, MA. Sold while still on the stocks to James Baines, Liverpool, for his Black Ball line of Australia clippers, for t£ 24.000.
1855 January 12
Made her first Australian voyage.
Equipped with Clifford's patent boat-lowering apparatus.
1856 February
Left for the second Australian voyage which was completed in 72½ days.
1859 June 28 - Augst 23
Sailed from the British Isles to Australia in 87 days.
1861 August - 1863 June
Under command of Captain William Williams late of the Simla.
1861 August
Sailed from Liverpool to Melbourne.
1865 March 5
Sailed from London to Queensland in 107 days.
1866 December
Sold to Thompson & Harper, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, by Barned's Bank after the failure of Baines & Co. in April 1866.
1869 August 27
Caught fire with a cargo of coal from Newcastle-upon-Tyne and was beached the next day near Bombay and burned to the water's edge.

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