Dashing Wave

A medium clipper ship built in 1853 by Fernald & Pettigrew, Portsmouth, NH. Her dimension were 181'8"×39'6"×21'3" and tonnage 1180 tons OM and 1054 tons NM.
1853 July 15
Launched at the shipyard of Fernald & Pettigrew, Portsmouth, NH, for Samuel Tilton & Co., Boston. Captain John B. Fisk previously commander of the Nightingale.
1853 October 4
Left Boston for Philadelphia.
1853 November 27
Sailed from Philadelphia to San Francisco via Valparaiso.
Sailed from Boston to San Francisco in 107 days under command of Captain Young. This was the fastest passage for that year.
Captain David R. Lecraw.
1866 April
Sold to Washington Libby & Co.
Captain Carlton.
Captain Mayhew.
Sold to Thomas Scott & J.A. Stewart, Tacoma.
Sold to Taku Canning Co. for $6000 and was reduced to a barge.
Stranded on the mud flats at Seymour Narrows and became a total loss.

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