Eliza Shaw

A composite full-rigged ship built in 1863 by Alexander Stehpen & Sons, Glasgow, as Yard. No. 44 [?]. Dimensions 56,27×9,33×5,58 meters [184'5"×30'6"×18'3"] and 696 tons, ___ GRT, ____ NRT and ____ tons under deck. Rigged with royals over single top and topgallant sails. Later reduced to barque rig.
1863 September
Launched at the shipyard of Alexander Stehpen & Sons, Glasgow, for C. Shaw & Co., London. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 48522 and signal VTDQ.
Sailed from Shanghai to Plymouth in 114 days.
186_ June 15 - October
Sailed from Woosung with a cargo of tea to London in 118 days under command of Captain J. Steele.
Collided with an unknown barque, believed to have been French, and had to put into Rio de Janeiro for repairs.
Sold to John Willis & Son, London, and was renamed Fanasie.
1878 November 6 - March 30
Sailed from Foochow to London in 144 days with a cargo of tea.
Missing on voyage from India to Dundee. Last spoken to on July 11 and is believed to have foundered off the Cape of Good Hope.


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