Flying Scud

Extreme clipper ship built in 1853 by Metcalf & Norris, Damariscotta, ME. Dimensions: 221'×41'×23' and tonnage 1713 tons OM.
1853 November 2
Launched at the shipyard of Metcalf & Norris, Damariscotta, ME.
1854 [?]
Sold in New York for $100.000 to parties in that city.
1854 March 23
Sailed from New York under command of Captain Patten for Liverpool where she arrived after 29 days.
1854 September 28
Sailed from New York under command of Captain Warren Bearse, Hyannis, for Melbourn where she arrived after 80 days. Sailed 449 miles on November 6 and covered a distance of 4620 miles during a period of 16 days.
1856 March
Captain Rodney Baxter, Hyannis.
1856 April 14 - July 4
Sailed from New York to Bombay in 81 days.
1859 September 26
Arrived at Liverpool 92 days from Bombay.
1861 February 5 - May 15
Sailed from Whampoa to New York. Was struck by a whirlwind on May 4 at 25°N, 66°40'W which carried away all three topgallant masts with the furled sails and all sails set except for the spanker.
1861 November
One eighth share of the ship was sold for $3500.
1862 February 28 - June 27
Sailed from New York to San Francisco in 188 days.
1863 April
Sold to J. Thompson, Liverpool, and was renamed Cestrian.
Listed as being owned by G.H. Pickering, Liverpool.

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