Flying Yankee

A medium clipper built in 1852 by Isaac Dunham, Frankfort, ME, USA. Dimensions 170'8"x37'10"x23'4" and tonnage 1092 tons, old measuerments.
1852 December
Launched at the shipyard of Issac Dunham, Frankfort, ME, for the account of James Arey & Co. She had been built under the superintendence of Captain J.W. Arey.
Sold to Manning, Stanwood & Co. and Thomas Gray, Boston, and was renamed Flying Arrow.
1853 January 20
Sailed from Boston for San Francisco under command of Captain Charles T. Treadwell.
1853 January 24
Was totally dismasted in a violent squall.
1853 February 15
The drifting wreck was picked up by the steamship Great Western and towed to St Thomas where she arrived the following day. The Great Western was awarded $10.000 as salvage.
1853 August 10 - December 31
Sailed from New York to San Francisco in 143 days under command of Captain Clark.
1854 June 26 - September 19
Sailed from Callao to New York via Hampton Roads in 85 days.
1855 November 28 - April 13
Sailed from New York to San Francisco in 136 days under command of Captain Treadwell. Lost all the topgallant masts and damaged the steering aparatus in a gale seven days out.
Sailed from San Francisco to Melbourne.
1855 November 9
Left Melbourne in ballast for Batavia.
1855 November 10
Was totally dis-masted and had to anchor off the reefs of New years Island, Bass Straits.
1855 November 16
The wreck was towed back to Melbourne by the steamship Marion which ship was awarded £1200 as salvage.
1856 January 16
Condemned and sold to G. Duncan & Co., London, for $15.000 and was renamed Wings of the Wind.
1857 January
Sold at auction in London to French owners.


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