Clipper ship built in 1851 by Westervelt & Mackay, New York. Dimensions: 207'×40'×22' and 1426 tons.
1851 June 20
Launched at the shipyard of Westervelt & Mackay, New York, for Chamberlain & Phelps, New York.
1853 April 26
Left New York for San Francisco two days before the Flying Cloud which ship was also bound for San Francisco.
1853 August 12
Arrived in the San Francisco harbour 45 minutes ahead of the Flying Cloud after a passage of 106 days.
1866 January 11
Sailed from New York for San Francisco under command of Captain Josiah A. Mitchell, with a cargo of candles and oil in cases and barrels.
1866 May 3
Caught fire and sank. The crew left the ship in three boats.
1866 June 15
The captain's boat managed to reach the Island of Hawaii, the two other boats were never heard of again.


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