An extreme clipper ship built in 1851 by Perrine, Patterson & Stack, Williamsburg, New York. Dimensions: 160'6"×34'11"×17'6" and tonnage 895 tons old measurement, 673 tons new measurement.

A painting of the Ino [once?] in the possession of the Marine Historical Association shows her rigged with a main moonsail. Later [sometime after 1867] rerigged as a barque.

1851 January 4
Launched at the shipyard of Perrine, Patterson & Stack, Williamsburg, New York, for Sifkin & Ironside, New York.
1851 March 12 - July 24
Sailed from New York to San Francisco in 134 days under command of Captain R.E. Little. [Reported 133 days.] Sailed in company with the Joshua Bates which arrived in 156 days.
1852 March 18 - July 12
Sailed from New York to San Francisco in 116 days under command of Captain Smith. Detained in Rio de Janeiro for five days.
1858 December 14 - January 9
Sailed from Java Head to the Cape of Good Hope om 26 days under command of Captain Plummer. The entire voyage from Woosung to New York lasted 91 days.
Sold to Goddard & Thompson, Boston.
1861 August 30
Sold for $ 40.000 to John M. Forbes & Co., for the United States Government. Armed with eight 32-pounder guns. Her commander was Lieutenant J.P. Cressey, late of the Flying Cloud.
1862 August 4 - April 15
Sailed from Boston to Cadiz in 13 days, 16 hours.
1862 August 23
Assigned to the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron.
1862 August 23
Captured the French barque La Manche attempting to run the Charleston blockade.
Service in North Atlantic Blockading Squadron.
1863 November 22 - 1865 August 1
Service in East Gulf Blockading Squadron.
1865 October 16 - 1867 January 26
Service in the Mediterranean.
1867 February 13
Decommissioned in Boston.
1867 March 19
Sold at public auction to Samuel G. Reed & Co., Boston, and was renamed Shooting Star.
1867 June 10
Sailed from Hampton Roads to San Francisco in 102 days.
Sold to Rosenfield & Birmingham, San Franciso [?]. Used in the coal trade.
Sailed from the west coast of Mexico to Bremen with a cargo of ore.
1877 June
Loaded oil in Philadelphia for Bremen.
1886 May
Recorded in Barcelona as the Finnish barque Ellen of Vasa, owned by her master Captain Dahlström and others.


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