A medium clipper ship built in 1856 by William H. Webb, New York. Dimensions: 180'×37'×23'" and tonnage 1173 tons, old measurements.
1856 June
Launched at the shipyard of William H. Webb, New York, for Bucklin & Crane, New York. Captain E.C. Garner, late of the clippers Celestial and Comet, was put in command.
1856 July 1 - November 26
Sailed from New York to San Franciso in 145 days.
1857 November
Left Shanghai for New York but a few days out she fell in with the wreck of the ship Waverly on voyage from Shanghai to Swatow. 96 Chinese passengers were taken off the wreck and were landed in Hong Kong on November 24.
1857 November 26
Left Hong Kong and cleared the Sunda Straits on December 36 and were off the Cape Horn 38 days later.
1858 October 20 - March 5
Sailed from New York to San Franciso in 132 days.
1859 March 25 - June 20
Sailed from San Franciso in ballast to New York in 87 days.
1860 March 17
Sailed from Macao with a cargo of tea, silk and general cargo for New York. The cargo was reported to be valued at $ 660.000.
1860 March 31
Grounded on the Belvedere Reef, Gaspar Strait. The wreck was subsequently set on fire by its crew after having fighted Malayan pirates.


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