John Bertram

An extreme clipper ship built in 1850 by Ewell & Jackson, East Boston, MA. Dimensions 173'×37'_"×20' and tonnage 1080 tons OM and 778 tons NM.
1850 December 9
Launched at the shipyard of Ewell & Jackson, East Boston, MA, for Glidden & Williams, and Twombly & Lamson, of Boston, and Flint & Peabody, of San Francisco. In command of Captain Frederick Lindholm.
1851 January 11 -
Sailed from Boston to San Francisco in 143 days.
1851 December 12 -
Sailed from Boston to San Francisco in 105 days.
1853 July 1 - October 24
Sailed from Boston to San Francisco in 115 days.
Sold to William F. Schmidt, Hamburg, for $ 45.000. Employed in the passenger trade between Hamburg and New York.
Sold to R.M. Sloman, Hamburg.
Sailed from Hamburg to New York in 22 days.
Sailed from New York to Hamburg in 18 days.
Sold to J. Rod & Son, Tonsburg. [Tønsberg?]
1882 June 19 - July 12
Sailed from Quebec to London in __ days.
1883 February 22
Sailed from New York for Rotterdam.
1883 March 17
The Norwegian barque Oxo on route for London encountered the floating wreck of the John Bertram and rescued the crew.
There is a painting of the John Bertram by Clement Drew in the Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA. Another paining in a private collection is illustrated in Lüden's Föhrer Seefahrer und ihre Schiffe (1989).


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