Fullrigged clipper iron ship built in 1874 by John Reid & Co., Port Glasgow. Dimensions: 260'2"×23'5"×20'9" and tonnage: 1710 GRT and 1626 NRT. Her dimensions were 260'2"×40'7"×23'5" and tonnage 1710 GRT and 1626 NRT, 1535 tons under deck. Rigged with three sky sails. The official British number was 70886 and her signal letters NKJG.
A sistership to the same owner's Cedric the Saxon (1875) according to D.R. McGregor.
Launched at the shipyard of John Reid & Co., Port Glasgow, for Williamson, Milligan & Co., Liverpool. She was given the official number 70886.
LR: Captain BG. Duncan.
1882 April 27
Lost north of San Francisco. The crew was rescued by Cedric the Saxon.

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