An extreme clipper ship built in 1850 by William H. Webb, New York, as Yard No. __. Dimensions 151'6"×33'6"×19'3" and tonnage 776 tons Old Measurement.
1850 June
Launched at the shipyard of W.H. Webb, New York, for Smith & Dimon, New York. Her first commander was Captain Stoddard.
Sailed from New York to San Francisco in 128 days.
Sailed from New York to San Francisco in 115 days.
In command of Captain Parritt.
Sailed from New York to San Francisco in 123 days. She arrived within a few hours of six other clippers, including the Trade Winds and Comet which she beat two respective five days. Her passage was equalled by the Hurricane, while the Witch of the Wave was six days faster and the Raven four.
1853 February 19 - May 19
Sailed from Woosung to New York in 89 days or 73 days from Anjer. Capt. R.B. Forbes considered this passage as one of the best considering the poor season.
Sailed from Woosung to New York in 118 days or 77 days from Anjer.
1858 January 4 - April 14
Sailed from Shanghai to New York in 100 days or 85 days from Anjer.
1862 January 1
Sold to Weston & Gray, New York.
1862 December 9 - April 14
Sailed from New York to Shanghai.
1864 August 9
Struck an un-charted reef north of the Thousand Islands in the China Sea on voyage from Whampoa to New York. The passengers, crew and part of the cargo was taken off by the steamer Ambon which had been sent from Batavia to assist.


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