Morning Light

An extreme clipper ship built in 1853 by Toby & Littlefield, Portsmouth, NH, at a cost of $ 117.000. Dimensions 220'×43'×27' and tonnage 1713 tons. Rigged with skysails and double top-sails.
1853 August 20
Launched at the shipyard of Toby & Littlefield, Portsmouth, NH, for Glidden & Williams, Boston.
1853 October 3
Sailed from Boston to San Francisco in 131 days. Under command of Captain Ed Knight late of the Queen of the Seas.
1861 August
Sailed from Cardiff, Wales, to San Francisco. After having been delayed off Cape Horn by adverse weather, the run from Valparaiso to San Francisco was made in 37 days, one day short of the record.
Sailed from San Francisco to Callao to load guano for Queenstown f.o.
1863 April
Sold to the Black Ball Line, Liverpool, for £ 9000 and was renamed Queen of the South.
Sailed from Liverpool to Queensland.
Sailed from London to Queensland.
1867 February 1
Sailed from Liverpool to Melbourne on charter for the Black Ball Line.


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