Ocean Rover

An extreme clipper built in 1854 by Tobey & Littlefield, Portsmouth, NH. Dimension 162'×43'×23' and tonnage 777 tons. Equipped with Foster's Reefing Apparatus.
1854 September 26
Launched at the shipyard of Tobey & Littlefield, Portsmouth, NH, for J.P. Bartlett, Albert R. Hatch, Hill & Carr, Tobey & Littlefield, Portsmouth; N. Hanson, South Berwick; McLauren F. Pickering, Greenland. Engaged in the trans-Atlantic cotton trade under command of Captain McL. F. Pickering.
1856 February
Went ashore near Crosby Point, Liverpool. It was possible to refloat the ship after the cargo had been unloaded into barges. She was then taken to Prince's Dock for repairs.
Sold to owners in Salem, MA, for $ 40.000.
Sold to Captain Carlton.
1870 July 18
Struck a reef in the River Jeganna, Pernambucco, Brazil.


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