A composite full-rigged ship built in 1868 by Alexander Stephen & Sons, Glasgow, as Yard No. 106. Dimensions: 186'6"×31'8"×19'5" and tonnage: 861 GRT, 836 NRT and ____ tons under deck. Equipped with Emerson and Walker's patent windlass.
1868 February 25
Launched at the shipyard of Alexander Stephen & Sons, Glasgow, for Killick, Martin, Ritchie and partners, London. Assigned the official British Reg. No. ____ and signal ____. Employed in the China tea trade. Captain George Frederick Thomson late of the same owner's ship Fusi Yama.
1868 April 10 - July 17
Sailed from the Clyde to Singapore in 98 days.
Captain John Hall late of the clipper ship Eliza Shaw.
Captain William Hollamby Robinson late of the same owner's ship Wylo.
Missing after having passed Anjer on September 14 on voyage from Samarang to Melbourne with a cargo of 1200 tons of sugar.


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