A composite barque built in 1869 by William Pile, Sunderland, as Yard No. 179. Dimensions 50,33×9,21×5,28 meters [165'0"×30'2"×17'3"] and 546 GRT, 527 NRT and ____ tons under deck.
1869 July 12
Launched at the shipyard of William Pile, Sunderland, for Killick, Martin, Ritchie and partners, London. Assigned the official British Reg. No. _____ and signal ____.
1869 - 1872
In command of Captain John Lawrence Leslie.
1872 - 1873
In command of Captain William Anderson Davidson late of the Isles of the South.
1873 - 1885
In command of Captain Robert Lowe late master of the Kate Carnie.
1885 March 30
Sold to Thomas Roberts, Llanelly, Carmarthenshire.
Sold to N.E. Möller and Sons, Shanghai. Later owned by Möller Bros.
1894 September 14
Wrecked on Kurille Ilsands, Japan, on voyage from Tsingtao to Nicolaieosk with generall cargo.


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