Race Horse

A clipper barque built in 1850 by Samuel Hall, East Boston, MA, to the design of Samuel H. Pook. The design was taken from the barque Coquette, designed and built by Samuel Hall several years earlier, and the alterations from her were suggested by myself, and approved by Messrs. Paul and J.M. Forbes, before Mr. Pook knew such a vessel was to be built; after the second time trying I did approve of the model, and he laid her down and made the moulds.
Dimensions 125'×30'×16' and tonnage 530 tons. In command of Captain David S. Babcock.
1850 June
Launched at the shipyard of Samuel Hall, East Boston, MA, for I. Goddard & Co., Boston.
1850 August 4 - November 20
Sailed from Boston to San Francisco in 109 days or 94 days, 14 hours land to land. She was 20 miles south of the Cap Horn 52 days out.


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