An extreme composite clipper ship built in 1863 by Robert Steele & Co., Greenock. Dimensions: 183'7"×31'1"×19'9" and tonnage: 767 NRT. Under deck coeffecient 0,63. She was assigned 14A1 by Lloyd's Register.

1863 December
Launched at the shipyard of Robert Steele & Co., Greenock, for Alexander Rodger, Glasgow.
1864 July 1
Left Shanghai for London with tea.
1864 July 23
Was towed into Amoy by the HM Gunboat Flamer after having been partially dis-masted in a typhoon off Formosa.
1864 October 8
Sailed from Amoy to Deal in 88 days.
1865 February 8
Sailed from London to Hong Kong in 94 days.
1866 December 3
Captain MacKinnon was landed at Algoa Bay
1866 May 30 - September 6
Sailed from Foochow to London in 99 days with a cargo of 1.108.700 lbs of tea. Finished second in the Great Tea Race of 1866 and docket at the London Docks 20 minutes after the Ariel docked at the East India Docks.
1867 June 3
Sailed from Foochow to London in 102 days arriving as the first ship with 1.099.900 pounds of tea.
1868 May 28 - September 7
Sailed from Foochow to London in 102 days.
1869 November 27 - March 4
Sailed from Plymouth Sound to Shanghai in 97 days.
1871 September 22
Wrecked on Ladd's Reef in the China Sea under command of Captain Gissing on voyage from Amoy to New York.


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