Water Witch

A clipper ship built in 1853 by Fernald & Pettigrew, Portsmouth, NH. Her dimensions were 182'6"×38'3"×21' and tonnage 1204 tons old measurement. Rigegd with Howes' double topsails and skysails. According to a painting by Butterworth also equipped with fore and main spencers.

The figurehead was "a female figure in flowing vestments, tastefully bronzed".

1853 May 6
Launched fully rigged at the shipyard of Fernald & Pettigrew, Portsmouth, NH, for Stephen Tilton & Co., Boston.
1853 July 31
Sailed from Boston for San Francisco under command of Captain Washington Plummer.
1853 September 16
Had to put into Rio de Janeiro dismasted and with four feet of water in the hold.
1853 December 31 - March 16
Sailed from Rio de Janeiro to San Francisco in 76 days.
Sailed from the Chincha Islands to Hampton Roads in 64 days with a cargo of guano.
1854 December 12 - April 11
Sailed from Boston to San Francisco in 120 days.
1855 June 1
Dragged her anchor on the roadstead of Ypala, Mazatlan, half loaded with dye wood for New York and was wrecked. The wreck was later sold for $500.

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