Witch of the Wave

An extreme clipper ship built in 1852 by George Raynes, Portsmouth, NH, at a cost of $80.000. Her dimensions were 220'×40'×21' and tonnage 1498 tons old measurement. The figurehead was a female figure in flowing white garments.

1851 April 6
Launched at the shipyard of George Raynes, Portsmouth, NH, for Gidden & Williams and Hunt & Peabody, Boston.
1851 May 20 - September 21
Sailed from Boston to San Francisco in 123 days under command of Captain J. Hardy Millet.
1852 January 5 - April 5
Sailed from Whampoa to London in 91 days with a cargo of 19.000 chests of tea. The best day's run during the voyage was 338 miles.
1852 June 22 - October 19
Sailed from Boston to San Francisco in 119 days under command of Captain Benjamin Tay.
1853 January 23
Put into Singapore, nine days out from Hong Kong, after having damaged the rudder in a collision with the barque Spartan.
1853 April 13 - December 11
Sailed from Sand Heads, Calcutta, for Boston. The Cape of Good Hope was passed 37 days out, a passage time equal to the clipper ship Typhoon's record. She arrived at Boston 81 days out which is the record for the passage.
1853 August 16 - December 11
Sailed from Boston to San Francisco in 117 days under command of Captain Lewis F. Miller.
Sold to owners in Amsterdam and was renamed Electra.
Listed with van Eighen & Co., Amsterdam, as owners.


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