USS Constellation

A 22-gun corvette or sloop-of-war designed by John Lenthall and built at the Norfolk Navy Yard, Norfolk, VA, in 1855 for the US Navy. Her dimensions are 53,64x12,73x6,10 (d) m [176'0x41'9"x20'0" (d)] and with a displacement of 1960 tons.
1853 June 25
The keel was laid in Ship House B at the Norfolk Navy Yard, Norfolk, VA.
1854 August 26
1855 July 28
Commissioned as the last sailing warship built for the US Navy.
After repairs the Constellation was moved to the Naval Station, Newport, RI, where she served as a stationary training and receiving ship until 1914.
1940 August
Re-commissioned as shore-based relief flagship for the Commander-in-Chief of the Atlantic Fleet from 1941 until 1943.
Handed over to the Baltimore Committee. Has been restored to represent a frigate of the end of the 18th century.
Closed to the public due to poor condition.
Presently preserved as a museum ship at the Constellation Dock, Baltimore, MD.

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