Färjan 4

A double-ended harbour steam-ferry built of steel in 1920 at the Motala Verkstad, Motala, Sweden, for Göteborgs Stad [City of Gothenburg]. Dimensions: 20,22x5,35x2,29(d) m [66'34x17'55x7'51(d)] and tonnage: 48 GRT and 20 NRT. The two-cylinder compound steam engine is of 70 indicated HP.

The ferry served for more than 30 years in the harbour of Gothenburg. After having served as a reserve ferry for a number of years the Färjan 4 was presented to the Maritime Museum of Gothenburg in 1972.

Presently preserved as a museum at the Fartygsmuseet vid Lilla Bommen, Gothenburg, where it is maintained in serviceable condition by the Sällskapet Ångbåten.

More information from the Sällskapet Ångbåten [In Swedish].

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